Samahang Pangkabuhayan ng Taga Dulangin (SPTD)

Name of Organization: Samahang Pangkabuhayan ng Taga Dulangin (SPTD)
Address: Brgy Dulangin, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
Head and Contact details: Hermilando Lopez
Name of Enterprise: -
Type of Registration: DOLE
Year established/registered: 2013
No of families: -
No of members: 11 female and 9 male = 20 members
Livelihood activities of members:

Mangrove boardwalk


Relevant training attended:

Site assessment

Business planning 



Organizational assets/capital:

Assistance extended by the Project:

Business planning updating 

Business planning validation 

BDFE continuity planning 

Orientation and sensitization on BDFE

BDFE plan validation

Engagement of key stakeholders

Application for PO bank account 

Low value grant application

Brief description of the livelihood:

he main activity attraction for PGMCEA is the mangrove walk. It is currently generating income through the P30 entrance fee being charged. The 2 POs (SPTD and TALIMA) mandated to take care of the Park are already earning from the mangrove walk because of the steady flow of Puerto Galera tourists “making a stop” at the site. Its location relevant to other highly visited sites in the municipality such as the Tamaraw Falls makes it a popular extra attraction to tourists and addition to local tour packages. An incentive system for tricycle drivers who has been key in promoting the site to tourists has also been put in place to encourage them to recommend the site more. The mangrove walk is already included in the map of tourism attractions being provided by the municipal government of Puerto Galera. A number of photographers are also doing prenuptial and event photo shoots in the walkway. Visitors from schools and government institutions doing educational tours have also been welcomed to the site in the past. 

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