Samahan ng Mangingisda ng San Teodoro (SMST)

Name of Organization: Samahan ng Mangingisda ng San Teodoro (SMST)
Address: San Teodoro, Mabini
Head and Contact details: Carol Beloso/+63 9995169454
Name of Enterprise: -
Type of Registration: LGU accredited
Year established/registered: -
No of families: -
No of members: -
Livelihood activities of members:

Upcycled bags


Relevant training attended:

Business plan review

Basic business management 

Technical training – product development, ecobrick training




Organizational assets/capital:

Upcycling center


Assistance extended by the Project:

Set up of the upcycling center

Various technical training 

Exposure to trade fairs

Brief description of the livelihood:

In a bid to curb plastic pollution from nearby resorts, SMST was trained by an OCW member in weaving discarded plastic into bags, slippers, and wallets.

The amount of plastic collected was such, that cleaning these uses the soapy water of a washing machine.  Recently though, scarce plastic collection was observed, thus SMST was guided by the Project to other products, still using recycled materials: earrings from lid of softdrinks in cans and bonnets from discarded sando bags.

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