Samahan ng Mangingisda ng Ranzo (SMR)

Name of Organization: Samahan ng Mangingisda ng Ranzo (SMR)
Address: Ranzo, Pinamalayan
Head and Contact details: Ermin Sapallo/ +63 9277818236
Name of Enterprise: -
Type of Registration: DOLE
Year established/registered: 2013
No of families: -
No of members: 6 female and 31 male = 37 members
Livelihood activities of members:

Ecotourism – snorkeling and lighthouse trip, kayak rental


Relevant training attended:

Site assessment 

Business planning

Organizational assets/capital:

Assistance extended by the Project:

Business planning updating 

Business planning validation 

BDFE continuity planning 

Orientation and sensitization on BDFE

BDFE plan validation

Engagement of key stakeholders

Application for PO bank account 

Low value grant application

Brief description of the livelihood:

SMR will brand its ecotourism initiative as Ranzo Eco-Adventure Park. Their activity packages will include kayaking, snorkeling, lighthouse trekking, and scuba diving.

Barangay Ranzo is already receiving a good number of visitors. These include former residents of the barangay who has relocated elsewhere in the country and abroad who with their family members and guests come for annual vacations. Their annual presence bring with them visits from relatives in other places in Mindoro. Residents from nearby barangays, groups of bicycle riders, several divers and a few tourists are also noted visiting Ranzo and its attractions.

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