Calima Socio-Economic MPC (CASEMPCO)

Name of Organization: Calima Socio-Economic MPC (CASEMPCO)
Address: Brgy Calima, Pola, Oriental Mindoro
Head and Contact details: Nelia L. Fontecilla/ + 63 9104800204
Name of Enterprise: -
Type of Registration: CDA
Year established/registered: -
No of families: -
No of members: -
Livelihood activities of members:

Mangrove and beach forest nursery


Relevant training attended:

Site assessment

Social preparation

Pre-implementation workshop

Area management 

Technical training – beach forest nursery

Organizational assets/capital:

Assistance extended by the Project:

BDFE continuity planning 

Orientation and sensitization on BDFE

BDFE plan validation

Engagement of key stakeholders

Low value grant application

Brief description of the livelihood:

In 2016, CASEMPCO entered a conservation agreement with CI Philippines entitled “Mangrove/Beach Forest Rehabilitation Project”. CASEMPCO produced ~300,000 Sonneratia and Avicennia mangrove seedlings for planting. This resulted to a 6.8-hectare plantation area, including a greenbelt of mangroves that could buffer the barangay from typhoon damage. The seedlings produced by CASEMPCO in a temporary nursery are perhaps among the highest in Oriental Mindoro, indicating their skillfulness in mangrove propagation. Thus, with its decades long experience in managing agro-enterprises, conservation projects, and its deep roots in the community.

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