Agis-Agis Seaweed Grower Association (ASGA)

Name of Organization: Agis-Agis Seaweed Grower Association (ASGA)
Address: Brgy Panitian, Aborlan, South Palawan
Head and Contact details: Ricky G. Saulda
Name of Enterprise: -
Type of Registration: DOLE
Year established/registered: 2018
No of families: -
No of members: 28 female ; 29 male = 57 members
Livelihood activities of members:

Seaweed farming and trading

Relevant training attended:

Leadership and governance
Basic record keeping and bookkeeping
Financial literacy program

Organizational assets/capital:

Assistance extended by the Project:

Business planning updating
Business planning validation
BDFE continuity planning
Orientation and sensitization on BDFE
BDFE plan validation
Engagement of key stakeholders
Trial marketing
Application for business permit
Application for PO bank account
Low value grant application

Brief description of the livelihood:

Agis-agis Seaweeds Grower Association [ASGA] will demonstrate that when fisherfolk work together, they will get a better farm gate price as the cut/commission that normally goes to the buyer will be earned by the association of which they are members. Profit sharing opportunity will also be offered to RDS suppliers at the end of the year. Since the BDFE is collectively owned and managed by the Agis-agis Seaweed Growers Association [ASGA], the members can look forward to reap the fruits of their labor.

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